Interview with the Helias Founders - Vini & Rob

Get the backstory on Helias - learn about the founders, why they started this unique wellness brand and the secrets behind their botanical blends! 

How did you start the Helias Brand?

We met and became fast friends while working on the corporate side of Saks Fifth Avenue. Basically one of our first conversations led to planning a future business that centered around our mutual love for natural products. Helias really came from both our desires for an essential oil brand that we enjoyed using in our everyday lives. We really felt like there was a miss in terms of quality, messaging and design but we both loved using oils. It took us a few years to get to the place where we actually launched Helias, but so far it has superseded our expectations. The brand is growing exponentially and people seem to love the oils as much as we do, we’re excited about the future!


What makes Helias different from other wellness companies out there?

Helias is fundamentally a brand that speaks to people who want to live their best lives, naturally. We really feel we are making it as simple as possible to use the healing powers of plants which we hope will give more people access to wellness.


How do you see this brand expanding in the future?

Our long term goal is to replace all things we use daily (such as soaps, cleaners, deodorant, etc.) with natural plant-based products that people can trust. We have new products launching such as roll-ons and room mists to make using essential oils easier for our guests. We're also continuing to add new and unique oils to our collection for guests that want to dig deeper into the world of natural wellness. 


Can you explain the concoctions behind your amazing signature blends? 

We really wanted to create something unique with our signature blends and we hope that has come across in the scents. Each blend has been carefully crafted with a certified perfumist using the absolute best oils for each of our categories that enhance the benefits of that oil.  For example, our sleep blend combines Lavender, chamomile, vetiver, cedar, and ylang-ylang - the only blend of its kind and we hear all the time ‘it really works.’ 


What are some of your favorite oils and how do you use them?

Clary Sage oil has slowly become an office favorite for us, it has such a soothing and unique scent that works great as a personal deodorant. We both love using Rosemary oil in our hair, either adding it in our shampoo or conditioner. 


Any new exciting news on the horizon? New products etc?

We are super excited about the potential to create mists out of our signature blends. We think this will be a great addition to diffusing and an easy way for people to use essential oils - perfect for on the go! 


Can you tell us a little bit about how you source oils from all over the world? 

We work with what we think is the best essential oil supplier and go through each potential oil in detail before we make a selection. This process entails understanding how it is sourced, climate-specific properties of the country it is being sourced from, how the oil is extracted, and overall quality. The key for us is really getting our guest the best oil possible while still having the ability to pass on an attainable price.


What does the name Helias stand for?

Helias really came from a mispronunciation of the word Helios but we loved how the name represents the energy of a wellness brand that has thoughtful design and delivers the best quality. The fact that the sound ‘heal’ is in it as well made it the perfect fit.


Noticed you two always use the word "guest" instead of "customer", where does that come from?

We adopt the mentality that anyone who interacts with our brand should be treated with the same respect as we treat our guests. We invite them in, ask them to stay awhile and truly value what they have to say. 

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