Cedarwood Essential Oil

Indulge in a dreamy, restorative sleep.

Our 100% Pure Cedarwood Essential Oil was designed to be a strong, natural sedative. Known for calming the mind, encouraging relaxation, and promoting deep, uninterrupted sleep - this oil is characterized by a comforting woodsy, earthy aroma. In addition to being a natural sleep aid, it's antibacterial properties work wonders on skin, promoting a clear, balanced complexion.

This oil is carefully sourced and extracted from Virginia Cedarwood, which is a lighter, more powerful varietal due to the varied climate.

Promotes:  Relaxation, Calming, Deep Sleep

Aroma:  Woody, Earthy, Floral 

.5 fl oz

We test every batch of our oils so that we can keep our promise that you’re receiving the best quality oils. For full details, read our quality report straight from the lab.

  • Encourage Relaxation

    Relieve Stress

    Promote Sleep

    Help Arthritis

    Soothe Dry Scalp

Ways To Use Cedarwood Essential Oil

Team Tips

“When your face is feeling dull, dilute Cedarwood Oil with a carrier oil and apply to your face before bed to brighten things up.”
-Vini, Co-Founder

“Use it as an all-natural insect repellent by diluting several drops in a carrier oil and rub into your skin.”
-Rob, Co-Founder

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