Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Instantly refreshing, our 100% Pure Eucalyptus Essential Oil is a tried-and-true energy-boosting favorite. It has a cooling effect that stimulates the brain and helps to clear mental exhaustion and general sluggishness.

Our Australian Eucalyptus oil is grown naturally and native to the region making it the highest quality Eucalyptus on the market. We tried a bunch of different options but found this Eucalyptus Globus to be the most effective with aiding respiratory issues due to a slightly higher percentage of cineole which gives Eucalyptus its menthol kick.

Aroma: Fresh, Earthy

.05 fl oz

We test every batch of our oils so that we can keep our promise that you’re receiving the best quality oils. For full details, read our quality report straight from the lab.

  • Mental Clarity

    Relieve Cough

    Respiratory Conditions

    Improve Allergies

    Purify Air

    Reduce Inflammation

Ways To Use Peppermint Essential Oil

Team Tips

“I use a few drops of our peppermint oil on a hot washcloth to really wake me up in the morning.”
-Rob, Co-Founder

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