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Calm Essential Oil

From Argh*$% to ahhh in moments. Our 100% Pure, Calming Essential Oil Blend will relieve your anxiety and worries. Notes of fruity Bergamot and floral Osmanthus are natural relaxants that help quiet the mind and reduce nervous tension. Bergamot is also a natural mood booster that helps generate mental clarity and an all-around positive, peaceful state of mind. See below for all the oils and their origins that make up this calming blend.

Aroma: Woody, Nutty, Earthy

.05 fl oz

  • Create Mental Clarity

    Reduce Nervous tension

    Quiet the Mind

    Increase Focus

    Decrease Cortisol

Ways To Use Calm Essential Oil

Team Tips

“I keep a bottle of Calm blend on my desk, whenever I'm feeling anxious or stressed before a meeting, I add a few drops on my palms, cup them over my nose and mouth and take 5 deep breaths.”
-Rob, Co-Founder

“I love the relaxing yet focusing aroma of this blend when I've had one too many glasses of wine the night before, I use the Calm blend in my diffuser to naturally help me focus without the jitteriness of coffee.”
-Vini, Co-Founder

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