Energy Essential Oil

Wake up your senses with an all-natural energy boost. Our 100% Pure Energy Essential Oil is an invigorating blend of essential oils hand-picked to increase alertness and jumpstart your motivation. We’re obsessed with the aromatic one-two punch of crisp Balm Bush Mint and spicy Black Pepper underscored by a hint of Vetiver Oil and more—a surefire pick-me-up any day of the week. See below for all the oils (and their origin) that make up this energizing blend.

Aroma: Spicy, Fruity, Minty

.5 fl oz

  • Increase Alertness

    Increase Focus

    Stimulate the Senses

    Improve Memory

    Clear Sinuses

    Calm Anxiety

Ways To Use Energy Essential Oil

Team Tips

“Rub few drops directly on the back of your neck and shoulders throughout the day to keep your energy levels up.”
-Rob, Co-Founder

“Dab few drops on your wrist and earlobes, as an energizing natural perfume.”
-Vini, Co-Founder

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