Vetiver Essential Oil

Ground yourself with Vetiver.

Our 100% Pure Vetiver Essential Oil has a deep, smoky aroma that calms the nerves through rich aromas that release unnecessary tensions. Historically used as an all-natural anxiety medicine in South Asia and Africa, we’ve selected Chinese Vetiver for its quality and purity, using steam distillation to deliver a superior oil. 

This Vetiver oil is also great as a perfume or cologne, with a scent that lingers while remaining soft on the skin.

Promotes:  Calm Nerves, Mental Balance, Joint & Muscle Relief

Aroma: Woody, Smoky, Sweet

.5 fl oz

We test every batch of our oils so that we can keep our promise that you’re receiving the best quality oils. For full details, read our quality report straight from the lab.

  • Soothe Anxiety

    Withstand Stress

    Relax the Mind

    Heal Scars

    Lessen ADHD Symptoms


Ways To Use Vetiver Essential oil

Team Tips

“Vetiver Oil for acne and scars. Mix one part vetiver oil and one part jojoba oil together and pat it lightly into your skin.”
-Rob, Co-Founder

“Vetiver oil with Almond oil makes for a great calming massage oil, 1 part Vetiver oil and 6 parts Almond oil— especially good post-workout to relax your muscles.”
-Vini, Co-Founder

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