Natural Hair-apy: Top 4 oils to care for your hair

More good hair days - yes please...

Many know essential oils can be great for helping you get more rest or get less stressed - but did you know oils can also help achieve healthy, luscious locks? While there are tons of products on shelves claiming to give you salon-worthy hair, did you ever look at the ingredient list? Chances are they are filled with things you can’t even pronounce. The good news is that all-natural essential oils may just be the best remedy to turn you into the next Rapunzel. Dry scalp, thinning hair, damaged tresses - we have an oil for that.

1. Tough Tresses

If you’re looking to combat hair loss or thinning hair, look no further then Jojoba Oil. Rich in vitamins C, E, B ,Copper and Zinc Jojoba is known for nourishing from the roots and strengthening strands of dry or damaged hair. Everyday wear and tear can do a number on your locks  (even a ponytail during a morning run can break a few strands a day). When you can, it’s best to give back to your roots naturally.

How to enjoy: 

Drop 3 drops of Jojoba in your palms and massage into the scalp. Let sit for 5 mins then rinse, shampoo and condition normally. You can also add a drop to your regular shampoo 3x per week for added benefits. 


2. Long Hair Do Care

Our friendRosemary Oil has many talents, some of which are keeping hair happy, healthy and growing.  The high nutritional value and anti-inflammatory properties of Rosemary Oil make it an excellent ingredient for nourishing hair follicles and soothing dry or itchy scalps. Rosemary is even known to help produce new cell growth, thus aiding the scalp in encouraging hair growth.

How to enjoy: 

Mix 2 drops of Rosemary with a carrier oil (like Jojoba or Almond), massage into the scalp and let sit for 10 minutes, then rinse, shampoo and condition. 


3. Smooth, Shiny Mane 

Seeking extra moisture and shine? Almond Oil has tons of healthy components like Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin E and Magnesium (all of which also make it a great carrier oil!) Just a few drops can work wonders for silkiness, shine and to nourish the scalp.

Also it smells delicious so that doesn't hurt either. 


How to enjoy:

Add a drop to your favorite shampoo 3 x per week. Or give your scalp an almond massage with 3 drops in your hands and massage - then rinse and cleanse with shampoo and conditioner. 


4. Healthy, Happy, Hair


Not only willEucalyptus Oilmake your shower smell amazing and spa-like, it can also do wonders for your hair. The astringent properties in Eucalyptus can help treat oily scalp build up, stimulate hair follicles and promote hair growth.  While you’re at it, drop one extra drop into your hot shower and breathe in the aroma to open the sinuses. 


How To Enjoy:

Dilute one drop of Eucalyptus Oil into a few drops of carrier oil like Almond or Jojoba. Rub together in your palms and give yourself a soothing head massage for 2 mins, 2x a week. Then rinse and cleanse hair normally. 

In-Home Hair Spa:
Check out our hair kit with all you need essentials for natural hair-apy. Also learn how to create an overnight hair mask to give back to your hair all we take from it (with color, heat, chlorine etc.)

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