CBD 101

Everyone is talking about CBD right now and for good reason! From dog treats to scented candles to massaging oils, CBD (derived from the hemp plant) is the must-have ingredient.

Our friends at Anthropologie wrote a great article explaining why this wonder-ingredient has gained popularity and points out some of its amazing benefits...

Anthro explains, "While the therapeutic properties of CBD are nothing new, until recently, commercial hemp farming was illegal or severely restricted in many states. With the legalization of medical marijuana, CBD and hemp have become more readily available – and less stigmatized." 

And in case you’re wondering Anthro also notes..

“Not to worry – while it’s certainly buzzy these days, CBD won’t actually get you buzzed. Unlike its cousin, THC, CBD produces absolutely no psychoactive effects.”


Now for the skinny on skincare..

The focus of the article - and what people are really excited about - is the benefits of CBD Oil for your skin.Helping with inflammation, acne, and regulating oil production, CBD may just be the in-home facial you're looking for...check it out there...


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