Domino Magazine & Helias

Big thanks to our friends over at for the fun interview with our co-founder Vini Trambadia! 

Domino points out with the sea of oils out there it's sometimes hard to decide which ones are best for you stating, "Admittedly, with so many essential oils to choose from, it can be challenging to figure out which ones will actually make you feel how you want to feel—the same oils that help you fall asleep won’t boost your productivity. Luckily, Vini Trambadia, founder of the new high-design essential oil brand Helias, has clued us in on the best types for every kind of mood. "


As our fans know and newcomers will soon learn, our all natural oils and blends are categorized based on mood - giving you desired results for life's stresses and ailments. We have oils that Calm, Energize, Aid with Sleep and Ignite Passion & Libido. We also have oils to make hair grow and skin glow.


This interview does a great job outlining which oils are best for what so check it out!

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