All-Natural Almond Oil to Soothe Dry Hands

Why is Almond Oil one of our most loved oils?…

It’s pure, natural, sweet-smelling moisture!

Right now with all the extra hand washing, dry and cracked hands are very common. All natural Almond Oil is to the rescue.

Almond Oil is the Queen of all things moisture so it’s a great oil to keep around for many reasons. Plus it smells delicious.

Here are a few ways to use and enjoy Almond Oil’s healing benefits.

- Need to soothe dry hands? Use a drop directly on hands and massage a few times a day, or add to your favorite hand lotion to make it last longer and have added benefits.

- Want to Fight Wrinkles? Add Almond Oil to your favorite facial moisturizer or eye cream to enhance benefits or just add a dab directly to fine lines and wrinkles before bed.

- Want smoother, lux hair? Add a drop to your hair conditioner to deep condition for a few minutes every week then rinse as usual.

- DIY Aromatherapy? Use Almond as a Carrier Oil for your favorite aromatherapy. What does that mean? Think of it as a sweet smelling, moisture-rich base that you can mix with other oils to get added benefits. (For Example, Try mixing with a few drops of Eucalyptus Oil for an immune boosting, germ fighting chest rub.)

Any questions? We’re always here to help!

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