Gifts for those with a Political Hangover

The holidays are coming up and the election has just passed. Whether you’re Red or Blue, we’re all Red, White and Blue. And we can all agree that...the 2020 election process was nothing short of exhausting. 

Here are some oils we recommend for those still suffering from the Political Hangover that was the crazy debates of 2020.

Sleep Oil -Forget about any political drama, and sleep like a baby (a baby who’s a good sleeper.)

Passion Oil - Let’s heat things up in the bedroom...instead of the living room after post debate drama.

Energy Oil -If you wake up from a nightmare that your candidate didn’t win, just use energy oil in the am, to pep you up. (alt:New president, new year, new start. This oil will pep you up on the daily for a great 2021)

Jojoba Oil - It goes well with the Red, White and Blue theme, but more importantly it’s a moisturizing carrier oil to mix and match with any other oil.

Here’s to the Red White and Blue spirit and hope for a promising 2021.

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