Gifts for that Mom Who ‘Moms-So-Hard'

Moms are like warriors. Magical, mystical, get-shi**-done and warriors. And If anyone deserves some Calm, Sleep, and Energy in their lives it’s the moms who mom so hard.

Here are some gifts that the moms in your life will really appreciate.

Energy Home Mist- Because 3 cups of coffee seems overboard.

Calm Home Mist - Will make the kids a bit more zen? Worth a try! It’ll at least give you some Ommmmm.

Sleep Home Mist - For a restorative rest, even if you’re woken up 3 times a night.

CBD Oil - Cause momma deserves a back rub, on the daily. (Ok fine she’ll take it weekly.)

Cheers to the moms who mom-so-hard. You deserve it ALL and more.

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