Passion Essential Oil


15 ml (0.5 oz)

Our Passion Oil blend will help take your sex life to the next level. We hand-picked Jasmine and Rose Oils for their intoxicatingly floral fragrances and potent aphrodisiac effects while Wild Orange and other flavors round out the mix to really set the mood. See below for all the oils (and their origin) that make up this sexy blend. 

Ways to use:

Set the mood: Add 10 drops into your diffuser to get the mood going.

Draw a bath: Use 4-6 drops into a hot bath.

Massage upgrade: Add 2-3 drops to any of our carrier oils and create a sensual massage oil.

Founder’s tips:

Rub a few drops behind your ear and wrist for an all natural aphrodisiac perfume.

Passion oil makes for a great massage oil, mix 6 parts Almond oil and 1 part Passion oil for an intimate massage.

Good to know:

Scent plays a huge role in attraction as everyone has their own pheromone. Our unique blend enhances your natural attraction.

Aroma: Sweet Floral 

Ingredients and Origins: Tangerine (Citrus reticulata) from USA, Patchouli (Pogostemon cablin) from Indonesia, Bergamot (Citrus bergamia) from Italy, Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) Bulgaria, Clary Sage (Salvia sclarea) from France, Osmanthus Absolute (Osmanthus fragrans) from France, Jasmine (Jasminum grandiflorum) from India, Mandarin (Citrus deliciosa) from Italy, Cinnamon (Cinnamomum zeylanicum) from Ceylon, Cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum) from Guatamala, Vanilla (Vanilla planifolia) from France, Damiana (Turnera diffusa) from Mexico and Rose (Rosa rugosa) from Bulgaria.